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Wed, May. 11

Whirlpool Corporation Selects ServiceBench® Business Management Software

Whirlpool Corporation recommends the ServiceBench Business Management Software as the standard software solution for their valued service providers. This software, announced enables service companies to use the power and flexibility of the ServiceBench service management system interface to manage every aspect of their business.

Wed, May. 04

Amazon Launches a Prime Now Website

Amazon's Prime Now expedited delivery service finally has a standalone website. It was previously accessible only through a mobile app, but now Prime subscribers those who live in areas where the one- to two-hour delivery option is available, at least can access the service on their computers. The company didn't integrate the option into their own e-commerce portal, but all customers have to do is go to, enter their zip codes and shop.

Wed, May. 04

Sony Just Patented Contact Lenses That Can Secretly Record What You See

Our memories are fallible things. We remember something one way; but the reality can be quite different. But imagine contact lenses that are also tiny cameras, recording and storing whatever you see, and even playing it back before your very eyes. It’s an intriguing concept, and a little frightening. And now, Sony is muscling its way into a game that already boasts such heavyweight players as Google and Samsung. The company has filed a patent for a “smart” contact lens and it’s pretty cool stuff.

Mon, May. 02

About 40% of Gamers Will Buy a VR Headset in the Next Year

About 40% of the most frequent gamers say they will likely purchase their own VR headsets within the next year, according to the survey by the ESA. That’s good news, since some are warning that VR is overhyped and could be slow to take off, even as others such as Digi-Capital predict that VR could be a $30 billion industry by 2020. 55% of the most frequent gamers are familiar with VR. And 58% of those familiar with VR say that they intend to play games on VR

April 2016
Fri, April. 29

Samsung Has ‘got Its Mojo Back’ As Smartphone Profits Surge 42%

Samsung lost its lead in the smartphone market in both India and China with shipments declining fast globally. The South Korean electronics giant has stabilized the ship and "got its mojo back," according to analysts. In the mobile segment, operating profit hit 3.89 trillion won, up 42% year-on-year, and was the biggest profit driver for the company for the first time since the second quarter of 2014. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones which helped lift profits

Fri, April. 29

Target’s New Robot Helper Is Busy At Work On Aisle 3

Target is testing robots that track inventory on its store shelves including shampoo and laundry detergent. The retail giant is conducting a one-week trial at one of its department stores in downtown San Francisco, according to a source familiar with the matter and confirmed by three store clerks. Simbe Robotics, built the robot called Tally that it says can roll autonomously around the store while scanning products to determine if they have been misplaced, mispriced, or are low in stock

Mon, April. 25

The US Smart Home Market Has Been Struggling - Here's How and Why the Market Will Take off

There are many barriers preventing mass market smart home adoption high device prices, limited consumer demand and long device replacement cycles. However, the largest barrier is the technological fragmentation of the smart home ecosystem. Some key takeaways are smart home devices are becoming more prevalent throughout the US. High prices, coupled with limited consumer demand and long device replacement cycles, are three of the four top barriers preventing the smart home market from moving from the early adopter stage to the mass market stage.

Mon, April. 25

Apple Mandates New Watch Apps 'must' Work Without an IPhone Wearables

Watch apps must operate without an iPhone nearby. In a blog post, the company mandates that anything submitted for App Store approval from this June 1st forward has to be a native app running watchOS 2. This should be a boon for anyone using the wearable during a run or workout where carrying a phone would be a hindrance. And ultimately, it'll result in higher quality applications that make full use of the device and what it's capable of rather than just being shoehorned to run on that OLED screen.

Tue, April. 19

The IPhone 7 Could Look Like the IPhone 6

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, at KGI Securities, issued a note over the weekend with new details about upcoming iPhones based on his typically accurate sources in the Asian supply chain. He believes, that the 2017 iPhone will get a major redesign, with a new casing that's made out of glass instead of the aluminum that the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S are constructed out of.

March 2016
Tue, March. 29

Oculus Rift’s Set-up Process Makes It Easy to Jump into the World of VR

Dean Takahashi received an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset today, and the set-up was quite easy. That’s a good omen as the age of VR kicks off with the launch today of the Oculus Rift on the Windows PC. It helped that he had an Oculus-ready PC, or a PC with a high-end 3D graphics chip from Nvidia. VR is a very demanding application when it comes to graphics, and so you have to have a computer that meets the minimum hardware specifications

February 2016
Tue, February. 23

Volvo is Ditching Car Keys for a Smartphone App

Volvo will make vehicles without keys by 2017—a move that suggests the company is prepping its cars for sharing. Instead of a physical key or even a smart fob, customers will be offered a smartphone app that will work like a digital key to lock and unlock doors or remote start the engine, according to Volvo Car Group. Customers won’t be forced to make the switch though.

Tue, February. 23

Samsung Pay now used by 5M users, processes over $500M in first 6 months

Heading into this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung announced that its mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, has more than 5 million “registered users.” The company noted that many of these users are from South Korea and the United States and added that in the first six months since its release, the service has processed over $500 million dollars.

January 2016
Fri, January. 15

Eyeballing Oculus Rift and HoloLens, now Google creates its own virtual reality arm

With Microsoft ploughing ahead with HoloLens and Facebook shipping its $600 Oculus Rift units by March, Google is looking to put more weight behind its own virtual-reality efforts. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has appointed Clay Bavor vice president of virtual reality. Bavor, VP of product management for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Apps, is credited as one of the creators of Cardboard, Google's cheap VR headset.

Wed, January. 13

Panasonic's transparent TV disappears with a wave of your hand

You know we're getting a little spoiled when the reaction to things like real hoverboards and self-parking cars are "yeah, we saw that coming." So it's really no surprise that a nearly transparent, gesture-powered TV from Japan's Panasonic demonstrated last week flew under the radar of so many. The widescreen television was housed in a bookcase and allowed you to make the screen temporarily translucent, letting you see the items (vinyl record covers, sculptures, vases, etc.) on the shelf behind it.

Tue, January. 12

Samsung SUHD TV: Smarter, brighter than the rest

When I found out that Samsung was essentially bringing just one new series to CES 2016, it seemed like a bold move. The company usually makes no bones about filling its booth, wall-to-wall, with TVs of various shapes and sizes. But this year, the company's flagship KS9500 stands alone. Available in 65-, 77-, and 88-inch sizes, the KS9500 series offers up the exact same selection of screen sizes as last year's JS9500 flagship.

Tue, January. 12

Smart homes built gadget by gadget

A fully automated home is still years away, but the building blocks are already here: the phone that turns on the coffee maker from the bedroom, the thermostat that controls the lights when you're away, the window shades that lift when you say “good morning.” Although these still aren't items most people seek out, they're catching on. Research firm Strategy Analytics estimates that the number of U.S. households with some form of smart-home system grew 30 percent in 2015 to 27 million, or about 1 in 5.

December 2015
Fri, December. 11

Amazon is king of the retail jungle

According to the survey, 40 percent of all adults search Amazon "always" or "most of the time" when shopping online, compared to just 10 percent who say they never include Amazon in an online search. But there are even more striking figures. The conversion rate, or the number of visits to the web site that result in a purchase, is massive.

Thu, December. 03

The Xbox One Upgrade: What You Need to Know

Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console has spent the last few holiday shopping seasons in the shadow of Sony’s PS4 and even its direct predecessor, the Xbox 360. Unable to articulate its vision for an all-in-one entertainment console from the outset, in 2014 Microsoft decided it’d focus on video games and video gamers, delivering new streaming video and broadcast video features quietly. A few price cuts, new hardware bundles and one major software update later, the Xbox One is the console to purchase this holiday season, even when compared to the PS4.

Thu, December. 03

Amazon unveils new Prime Air drone

Amazon posted new footage of its updated drone delivery intended for its Prime Air package delivery system. The new design is vastly different from the previous model and claims to increase efficiency and utility that will help it bring packages to customers in under 30 minutes for just a $1 fee.

November 2015
Wed, November. 18

B&H & Best Buy offering first discounts on all Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport models

AppleInsider partner B&H is currently offering $25 or $30 off all stainless steel Apple Watch and aluminum Apple Watch Sport models. For example, a 42-millimeter space black stainless steel Apple Watch with Black Sport Band can be purchased for $569, a savings of $30 off its regular price. The savings are potentially even greater for shoppers outside of New York, as B&H does not collect tax on any orders shipped to the other 49 U.S. states.

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Fri, July. 17

Google 'buy' button is here

Call it the 'I-want-it-now-now-now' economy. Google buy buttons are now on mobile search. At a press event in New York City Wednesday, the search giant announced a suite of new mobile tools designed to speed up the retail process even faster. One new enhancement reveals product ratings and store locators at the touch of a swipe. Another tool, Purchase on Google, allows instantaneous purchases through sponsored search results.

Wed, July. 15

LEAKED: Samsung's next phone will be almost as powerful as a desktop computer

Leaks for the supposed Samsung's next phone, the Galaxy Note 5, have been emerging in quickfire succession, and the latest one from SamMobile on Monday claims the Note 5 will run with 4 GB of RAM. RAM stands for random access memory, and it's the short-term memory where often-used apps stay in your phone's proverbial back pocket, ready to open quickly when you need them.

Fri, July. 10

Amazon's Echo speaker can control your Wink-powered smart home

If you've filled up your home with Wink-based lighting and similar smart appliances, you're about to get an easy (and official) way to manage it all with your voice. As of now, you can tell Amazon's Echo speaker to control Wink devices -- so long as they're paired, you only have to ask Alexa to "turn on the light" or "turn off the fan."

Thu, July. 02

Now You Can Unlock And Start Your Hyundai Remotely With The Apple Watch

Apple and Hyundai fans can now use both of their prized devices—an Apple Watch and a Hyundai vehicle—together through the automaker’s cloud-based Blue Link app. The free smart watch app lets users lock, unlock and start their car remotely simply by giving voice commands, such as “Start my car” or “Unlock my car.”

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